Friday, March 20, 2009

Reaching CHILDREN and YOUTH first!

As we continue our Vision Month this Sunday we are going to focus on the priority of our children’s ministry, youth ministry and our educational ministry of Lititz Christian School and MorningStar Daycare and Academics. One of Dr Young’s (former Sr Pastor of Grace Church) core values was reaching children and their parents first. As we move forward over the next 5 years that will continue to be a core value for our entire ministry.

This Sunday we will be highlighting these areas of our ministry through the following aspects of our morning:

Our auditorium will be set up as if it were our renovated gymnasium. Most of our church family has not seen what an outstanding athletic facility we have so this Sunday the curtains will be pulled back, the basketball standards will be in place, the scoreboards will be lit up; and the bleachers will be pulled out as part of our seating. This will allow us to all celebrate the recent renovations and to highlight the athletic program of Lititz Christian School.

All of our stage participants will be wearing Lititz Christian School athletic jerseys.

Our Elevate Children’s Praise Team will be leading us in a worship song…Elevate style.

Our Lititz Christian School Musical Cast will be performing in the foyer and hallways inbetween services.

Rick Bernhardt, our Senior Administrator at MorningStar and Lititz Christian, will be leading us in prayer for the offering.

Pastor Tim will be interviewing Doug Kegarise, our Director of Student Ministries.

We will be showing a video montage put together by our Media Producer, Tim Reedy, that will show you first hand our children’s, youth and educational ministries in action.

And I will be sharing the aspects of our 5-year vision plan that deals with our facility and the two major renovations and additions that we are calling for over the next five years that are designed to make our children’s and youth ministry that much more effective.

All morning long this Sunday you are invited to the Youth Room (room 201) for a “come and go” open house where you can enjoy some refreshments and learn more about our children’s ministry, youth ministry, and educational ministries of Lititz Christian School and MorningStar Daycare. Tours of our children’s and youth wing of our building will also be available throughout the morning. Lititz Christian School will also offer a more informative open house at 1pm this Sunday which will include a $70 coupon off the enrollment fee for the 2009/2010 school year for all first time students.

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