Tuesday, March 10, 2009


So as I think about those people who have had a part in my life and who do not live around the Lititz area, I wonder if any of them might happen to occasionally read my blog. So today I am giving a “Shout Out” to a few people. If any of you happen to read this post, be sure to comment so I know you still remember who I am!

Shout out to ARIZONA:
Jerry or Loreen Young

Shout out to CALIFORNIA:
Paul or Daisy Powell

Shout to COLORADO:
Anyone who is part of the Day family

Shout out to FLORIDA:
Rebekah Rosario or anyone who knows Chuck or Ellen Distler

Shout out to INDIANA:
Anyone from OGBC or CE National (past or present)

Shout to KANSAS:
Bryan Nelson

Shout out to MAINE:
Stuart Bennett

Shout out to OHIO:
Anyone from Community Church or CVCA (past or present)

Shout out to SOUTH CAROLINA:
Bruce Illsley

Shout out to TENNESSEE:
Dawn Distler

Shout out to VIRGINIA:
Joy Distler or anyone from Liberty University (past or present)
Shout out to WASHINGTON:
Tom or Janice Kemp
Shout out to IRELAND:
Scott or Rebekkah Becker
Shout out to THAILAND:
Christian or Bonnie Beuggert


Bryan Nelson said...

Do I know you? Since no one else is following you, the least I can do is give you some "comment love." Oh, and a shameless plug for my blog at verticalresonator.blogspot.com

Miss ya bro. And you might want to take down that webcam I installed in your office before I left.

Pastor Scott said...

Figures...of all the wonderful people I know around the country and around the world, I get stuck with the only comment on this post being from Topeka!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Bryan!
Thanks for the insight about the hidden cam and your site.

After a little digging I was able to access the live cam and archive of the cam in Scott's office.

HILARIOUSLY FUNNY! Some days you would wonder what he gets paid for; and how did you get that angle shot, it's just perfect to see what really happens in there.

You always were a clown, and we miss the banjo!

Pastor Scott said...

OK, that settles it. I am not studying in my office in the nude anymore like I normally do!!

Larry Crull said...

Greetings from Osceola! I occassionaly read your blog to see what is going on with the believers in Litiz. I read your vision plan and it looks like exciting things are going to be taking place. I will be praying for you, your family, and the many believers there.

Pastor Scott said...

Hi, Larry! It is great to hear from you!!!!

Anonymous said...

Larry's wife from Osceola reads your blog too! Truth be told... I often run on my gazell and watch your sermons on the computer. Great way to spend 45 minutes and learn!

Pastor Scott said...

Well, hey there "Larry's wife," It is just as good, if not better, to hear from you!!!

dawn said...

OK Little Brother

Tennessee says hi and I Love You! Send pretzles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Pastor Scott said...

Hey Sis! Good to hear from you! I enjoyed spending time with you last week! Love ya!

Alli Cline said...

HEY Pastor Scott! I read your blog as well. Spent the morning catching up. Glad things are well!

Pastor Scott said...

Hi Alli! Great to hear from you! Thanks for stopping by! Say "hello" to your husband for me!

Bruce Illsley said...

Just found your shout out !!!

Hmmmm..... What stories should I post......