Friday, November 18, 2011

Windshield Time

I had a meeting yesterday down in Lansing which resulted in over 6 hours of time on the road looking through the windshield. I wouldn't want to do that too often, but once in a while, I enjoy extended windshield time by myself. Although yesterday morning I discovered that it doesn't take much snow, ice and wind to make I-75 between Gaylord and Grayling a bit treacherous, especially when your in a little 4-cylinder car with no snow tires. And if the weather conditions were not bad enough, I also had to dodge 5 different deer darting across the Interstate.

But still, I enjoyed a day that was spent mainly in some alone time looking out the windshield. I used this time to:

Listen to some good Christmas Music while looking at the snow falling in front of my headlights!

Call and talk to two very good friends from back in Pennsylvania that I really miss!

Listen to a few sermons on CD that brought I along for some inspiration!

Call and talk to my mom!

Talk through an upcoming sermon!

Do some thinking and praying!

A day in the church office is always valuable. But every once in a while it is equally valuable when a day in the office takes place looking through the windshield watching it snow while dodging deer!

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