Thursday, November 03, 2011

I'm Still Her Hero!

Over 25 years ago I met my wife at a Flea Market in Lynchburg, VA. Tuesday night I had the thrill of being reminded that I am still her hero. We had an Israel Information Trip meeting at the church for those who are considering going to the Holy land with us in October 2012. I am simply way behind at work so she went home after the meeting and I was planning to stay at the church until about 11pm and get some items on my "To Do" list accomplished.

A few minutes before 10:00pm I get a text from my wife reading, "I think we have a critter in the house - like a squirrel or a chipmunk." Now, the text did not say, "Please come home!" But being the sensitive husband that I am, I was able to decipher that the message was code for, "Please come home!' I knew I had hit the bulls-eye when I texted back saying I was on my way and got a very quick one word reply..."hurry!"

So I got home and I grabbed a broom and headed in the door to rescue my fair maiden in distress. I knew the situation was serious when I found her in the kitchen, standing on a chair, clutching her cell phone. She told me that whatever the intruder was, it was in the laundry room where something had knocked over the laundry basket of clothes...twice. So I started pulling items out of the laundry room one by one wandering what was going to jump out at me without warning. At the end of the search, I found nothing.

I'm not sure what made the basket of clothes fall...twice, but I never did find a squirrel or a chipmunk. I did, however, go to bed that night with the deep satisfaction of knowing that after 25 years, I am still my wife's hero who she calls when she is in distress! So, though it is three days past Halloween, I think I will wear my Superman suit all day today!

Up, up and away!


Bruce Illsley said...

Hey Superman.... I still remember having to throw you out of the car to get you to go ask her out, this after spending the a wonderful afternoon with her..... but don't worry, after 25 years, that secret is still safe with me. S

Pastor Scott said...

Bruce - that makes you my hero!!!!