Monday, November 14, 2011

Missions Conference at Community Church (part 1)

Last week I had the thrill of being the keynote speaker at the annual Missions Conference at Community Church in West Milton, Ohio (the church where I first started in ministry as Youth Pastor many years ago). Below are some pictures from the week:

Woody Curtis, Missions Director at Community Church, prays for Laura and I at the end of the Missions Conference!

Adult Sunday School Teachers pray for the missionaries at the end of the conference!

My new friend, Nard (a missionary pilot) shares about his ministry!

BJ Bechtel, who once was in my youth group, shares about his ministry in Chicago with Inner City Impact!

My mentor, Steve Peters (Sr Pastor of Community Church) shares a laugh with Nard!

Stuart Peters, Youth Pastor at Community Church, leads worship!

More prayer for the missionaries!

Worshipping the Lord at Missions Conference!

The children help the Worship Team lead in the conference theme song!

Old friends of ours, Mark and Janice Hilt, play the role of Harry and Mary in this skit on the opening night of Missions Conference!

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