Wednesday, November 23, 2011


It happened to Laura and I this past weekend. We came face to face with an F.B.O. The thing about an F.B.O. is that you never initially see it as a good thing. An F.B.O. typically begins with some level of anxiety that results in your mind racing a zillion different directions. When an F.B.O. first comes into your path it can be very scary.

An F.B.O. is an obstacle that comes into your life that seems to be much bigger than you can handle. When an F.B.O. does come into your life, and you try to deal with it on your own, you will most likely fall flat on your face. But in reality, though all of this is true, an F.B.O. is one of the best and most exciting times that can happen in your life. Why, because F.B.O. stands for:

Faith Building Opportunity!

Whenever we as followers of Jesus come up against an obstacle in life that is way too big for us to deal with and seems to have nothing but hardship that could result, it is an opportunity to watch God work which will result in your faith growing. But for this to happen, we have to be willing to lasso the anxiety and fear that comes with an F.B.O. and put our energy into three things:

Obeying God!

Trusting God!

Praying to God!

When we look our hardship and obstacles square in the eyes and choose to obey God in it; trust God in it; and pray to God often through it, our hardship and obstacle can result in an F.B.O. - a Faith Building Opportunity.

Are you facing an F.B.O. in your life? Remember, the obstacle you are facing is a Faith Building Opportunity!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for blogging - enjoy hearing God's word through your site - Chris and Debbie P.

Pastor Scott said...

Thanks Chris and Debbie! Sure miss you both! Maybe you should take a trip to Northern MI sometime!