Thursday, January 27, 2011

Technology Amazes Me

Tuesday night during the Presidential State of the Union Address, my blog had its 200,000th unique visitor to the site. That literally blows me away that over 200,000 different people have visited "Folks, Listen." In fact, the month of January, which still has a few days left in it, has been the single biggest month when it comes to unique visitors in the 5.5 years that I have been blogging.

I know I have said this before but technology amazes me. It's wild to think that I can sit in my home in the small town of Lititz, PA and post a blog each weekday and have over 200,000 visitors from all around the world read what I have posted. Actually, as of yesterday the 200,000 unique visitors I have had to "Folks, Listen" have come from 177 different countries. Over 183,000 of these unique visitors have come from right here in America. But outside of the United States, I have had 3 other countries in which there have been over 1,000 unique visitors to "Folks, Listen!" These include (number of unique visitors as of yesterday are in parenthesis):

Canada (3,112)
United Kingdom (2,747)
Australia (1,051)

Then there are another 11 countries that have exceeded 200 unique visitors. They include:

Germany (952)
France (789)
India (775)
Philippines (635)
Italy (429)
Brazil (304)
South Africa (242)
Singapore (239)
Belgium (220)
Spain (210)
Malaysia (206)

Let me say it again - technology amazes me! So, wherever you are across the Unites States or around the world, thanks for checking out my blog. May 2011 be a blessed year for each of you!

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