Friday, January 07, 2011

A 6-Feet Deep Question

Recently I was asked this question, "Forty or so years from now when they spread dirt over your grave, how do you want to be remembered?" Pretty deep question, isn't it? I guess you could call it a "6-feet deep" question.

It made me think of my favorite Bible character, Joshua. After his death the Bible tells us that as long as their were elders who remembered Joshua, Israel walked with God. Now that's what I call influence. Even after the final shovel of dirt was spread over Joshua's grave, as long as there were people who remembered him, Israel continued to walk with God.

That's how I want to be remembered when the dirt is spread over my grave. I want it to be able to be said that as long as there were people who knew me and sat under my ministry, people walked with God. It also made me think of those whose influence affected me. I'm 45 now and as I think of the first 4 decades of my life I can't help but think of those men that I knew personally who greatly impacted my life. Some are already with the Lord some are not. But as long as I remember them, I will be influenced to walk with the Lord. These men include:

My Dad (Charles Distler) - who taught me what it means to love the local church!

My Grandpa (Rev Charles Distler) - who taught me what it means to love the Word of God!

Rick Matthews (my Sunday School teacher when I was in High School) - who taught me how to share my faith!

Rev Paul Rohart (my pastor when I was in High School) - who gave me my first opportunity to preach!

Don Bechtel (my High School band director) - who taught me to shoot for excellence in everything I did!

Harry Walls (my supervisor in college) - who taught me how to pray!

Dr Paul Fink (a college professor of mine) - who taught me how to study the Bible!

Dr Jerry Falwell (my spiritual hero) - who taught me that nothing of eternal importance happens apart from prayer!

Rev Steve Peters (my ministry mentor) - who taught me what it means to be a pastor!

Rich Smith (an Elder at the church I pastored in Indiana) - who taught me what it means to face adversity and remain faithful!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Scott.

I hadn't been at Grace for a while and started to notice you weren't there. Then today, I didn't notice your name in the brochure; sorry if I'm really late on this, but did you leave Grace Church? Will miss you if so!


Pastor Scott said...

Hi Cody! It's great to hear from you. Yes, I resigned from Grace Church back in September. We are excited about some of the possibilities that God seems to be lining up for us and we are waiting patiently and daily on Him to give us clear direction for our future. Feel free to email me at