Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Agreeing With a Mocker - Part 2

In my posting yesterday I told you about a modern day mocker (someone who denies Biblical truth by making light of it as described in 2 Peter) who commented on my blog last Saturday from a posting I wrote back in June entitled, "Why Hasn't Jesus Come Back Yet?" Be sure to go back and read my posting from yesterday if you haven't already to get the full context of this account. Here again is what this person wrote:

"Sorry dude but this is a real cop out. Jesus hasn't come back yet because he's not any sort of Messiah and he won't be returning any day soon ever! The world is rejecting the idea of Christianity. Perhaps it's about time the church handed over their great riches to the poor instead of accumulating wealth under false pretense."

In essence, let me break down what this mocker has written:

First, Jesus isn't coming back.

Second, Jesus isn't coming back because He is not the Messiah.

Third, because Jesus is not the Messiah and is not coming back, the world is rejecting Christianity.

Fourth, because Jesus is not the Messiah and not coming back and because the world is rejecting Christianity, the church should give all of its possessions to the poor.

Now, let me say that I am in agreement with this mocker
! Here is what I mean by this. In this mocker's comments, the basis to his whole argument is that Jesus is not the Messiah. That is why He is not coming back and since this is the case, the church really is a waste of time and should give everything they have to the poor. With that I agree. If Jesus is not the Messiah, than I agree with the rest of the argument. If Jesus is not the Messiah, than He is not coming back. And if Jesus is not the Messiah than the church and Christianity is a huge waste of time, effort and money.

In fact, the Apostle Paul also agreed with this mocker. In 1 Corinthians 15 Paul says that if Jesus did not rise from the dead (the ultimate proof that He is the Messiah) than our preaching is in vain; our faith is in vain; we are false witnesses of God; our faith is worthless; we are still in our sins; those who have already died have perished; and we are of all men to be pitied the most.

But, like Peter and Paul, I do believe that Jesus is the Messiah. And I do believe that He is coming back! If you want to know why He hasn't yet, go back into the archives and I read my postings from back in June.

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Sheri Dorwart, Site Admistrator said...

In the June post you are referring to you say "He hasn’t returned yet because God is patient, not wanting to see anyone spend eternity in hell. Instead, He is giving time for sinful man to repent."

I always thought that too but then today, a thought occurred to me that, with only 1/3 of the world population being Christian, mathematically more people are "perishing" as generations pass while He is waiting for one generation to wake up and come to its senses.

It's only 10 a.m. and I'm already having a bad day and maybe my logic is a little off.

Pastor Scott said...

Hi Sheri, it is great to hear from you. Thanks for your thoughts. The reasons given by Peter as to why Jesus has nto come back yet are all tied into God's character. First, He is not limtied to time as we are. Second, He is patient, not wanting anyone to perish but all to come to eternal life. How that plays out completely is difficult for us to truly understand. Sorry to hear you had a bad morning. Sure hope your day gets better - maybe the snow will help!