Sunday, January 09, 2011

Agreeing With a Mocker - Part 1

Back in June I wrote a 2-part post entitled, "Why Hasn't Jesus Come Back Yet?" It was part of a series of posts related to a sermon series I was preaching at the time through 2 Peter. In this book, Peter talks about those who tell lies in church (that is why I called the series "LIAR"). He describes 2 kinds of people - False Teachers and Mockers. What is the difference between them? False Teachers deny Biblical truth by distorting Scripture. Mockers deny Biblical truth by making light of Scripture.

In 2 Peter, an example of a mocker is given from Peter's day. He describes those in his day who denied the Biblical truth that Jesus is going to come back by making light of it saying, "Where is the promise of His coming?" In 2 Peter, the Apostle addresses that exact question and that is what my postings back in June were covering.

Just this past Saturday I received a comment on that posting from a modern day mocker. Now, I am not using the term "mocker" as a slam. I am simply using the Biblical word describing someone who denies Biblical truth by making light of it. And this mocker was an exact replica in his comments to the ones Peter spoke about so many years ago. I believe this person may have been from the United Kingdom as right about the time the comment was submitted, my tracker showed someone from the United Kingdom coming to that exact post back in June after googling, "Is Jesus Coming Back?" Here is what this modern day mocker had to say:

"Sorry, dude, but this is a real cop out. Jesus hasn't come back because he's not any sort of Messiah and he won't be returning any day soon ever! The world is rejecting the idea of Christianity. Perhaps it's about time the church handed their great riches over to the poor instead of accumulating wealth under false pretense."

Be sure to read my blog posting on Tuesday as I respond to this modern day mocker's comment. You may be surprised to find out that I may just agree with him.

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