Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I know that people around the Lancaster County, PA area don't seem to like or appreciate snow. Not me - I love snow. And I am thrilled that finally we have gotten some snow. It's not much (2-4 inches or so) but it's the first time all winter that we've had to break out the shovel. In my opinion, if you are going to have cold and winter, you might as well have snow.

I grew up in Akron, Ohio where we would get decent lake effect snow off of Lake Erie. Over the 9 years that we lived near Elkhart, IN, we would average some 80 inches of snow a year. In fact, I remember one year that we got over 50 inches of snow in the month of December alone. It was wonderful.

But since we have lived here in the Lititz area, our family has really missed the snow. To me, there are few things more peaceful and more enjoyable than sipping a cup of coffee and watching a good snow fall from the heavens.

So, while many of you night find yourself cursing this white wonder, I for one am thanking God for our first real snow of the season. May more of it follow until winter turns into spring!

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Jan Garrabrandt said...

I couldn't agree more! We love the white stuff. I grew up in Parma Heights, Ohio (a suburb of Cleveland) so every time they forecast snow, my husband and I sit with our noses pressed against the window waiting for it. So so peaceful and beautiful.

Pastor Scott said...

Thanks for commenting, Jan. Parma Heights, huh? Does that mean there is a slim chance there is another Cleveland sports fan nearby?

Amanda said...

I completely agree. I remember walking to class on the sidewalk at Grace College and the snow was up to my shoulders on both sides. They wouldn't cancel class unless Jesus himself returned!

Pastor Scott said...

You are so right, Amanda. When I taught one night a week at Grace I would have to drive an hour south to get there and we would usually get much more snow than Winona Lake did. I can remember one time on the way home getting into such a white out condition that I stopped because I had no idea where I was, only to find out I was off the road and in a cornfield (luckily they don't grow corn in the Hoosier state during the winter!)! Blessings to you and your family, Amanda. Thanks for reading and for commenting.

kimmer4life said...

I agree! Todd & I often go out driving when we're getting all the snow. We love it. Everything is clean, white, & beautiful...and since its going to be cold there might as well be snow...You know you're a wise man when you think the same as me! LOL