Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Who is The Most Important Christmas Character?

Who do you see as the most important Christmas character from the Biblical account of the Christmas story? Now before your yell out, "JESUS," let's have you pick again. I mean, "Jesus" is a given as to the most important person in the Christmas story. So besides Jesus, who would you say is the most important person in the Christmas story?

Mary? After all, she did give birth to the Christ child!

Joseph? He doesn't get a whole lot of credit but I am amazed at how he showed such amazing love toward Mary and obedience toward God in a very difficult situation physically, spiritually and culturally!

The Shepherds? After all, what man reading this (and some ladies) have not at some time in their life played the role of a shepherd in a Christmas pageant or program?

The Little Drummer Boy? Sorry, wrong answer! He was not part of the Biblical story!

The Wise Men? These travellers from the east played a great part but let us always keep in mind that these guys did not come to the manger - they came to the house Mary, Joseph and young Jesus lived in at least several months later. So the next time you see a nativity scene with the wise men at the manger you have my permission to take them and move those "three kings" across the room or across the yard - just get them away from the manger!

The Inn Keeper? He's kind of vilified in most people's minds but he did offer the cave his animals were sleeping in so at least the Holy Family had some shelter!

The Angels? They weren't human - but they sure played a key role in the story of the first Christmas, didn't they?

So which one of our prestigious list above would win "The Most Important Biblical Character Of The Christmas Story" award? Here is my answer:

(drum roll please)

NONE OF THEM! Wait! If it isn't Mary or Joseph or the Shepherds or the Wise Men, or the Inn Keeper or even the angels - then who is it? Find out by reading my blog tomorrow!!!

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Magic Mike said...

Interesting theory about the "Inn Keeper" --- the greek work Luke uses in this story for where Mary and Joseph stayed (καταλύματι) is different than the greek word Luke uses for the place (Inn) where the Good Samaritan took the wounded man (πανδοχεῖον) in chapter 10. Most likely the Good Samaritan took the wounded man to an actual Inn but Mary and Joseph tried to stay in a guesthouse (people opening up their home to visitors and not running it as a business) but had no room for them which gives us our manger scene. So the "Inn Keeper" may be completely off the hook, since there probably wasn't one in this story!

Pastor Scott said...

Always good to hear from you Mike. It is wild how we tend to put someone on the "bad guy list" when in fact they may not deserve to be on it at all - like with the "Innkeeper." You are right about the "inn" description. In fact, there probably was not a tradiitonal inn in Bethlehem at the time. Blessings to you and your wife this Christmas!