Monday, December 06, 2010

Virginia Christmas Spectacular and More

Laura and I took a quick trip with some friends of ours south to Lynchburg, VA to see the Virginia Christmas Spectacular at Thomas Road Baptist Church which is connected to Liberty University where both my kids attend college. It was just A 36 hour road trip but we had a blast. Here were the highlights:

THE VIRGINIA CHRISTMAS SPECTACULAR - What a great show it was with two huge living Christmas trees filled with singers (one of whom was my son) and a whole cast of characters along with some dazzling costumes, props and lighting effects. What a great way to be reminded to spend time this season worshipping Christ. You know a show is great when during the climax you want to run up on the stage and fall down along with the shepherds in worship of the newborn King!

SNOW - While we were in watching the Christmas Spectacular it started snowing outside. And it was a beautiful snow. I love snow - especially the first real snowfall of the year. But how is it that currently living in Pennsylvania, my first snowfall experience of the year takes place 300 miles south of that in Virginia?

DOC'S DINER - My favorite restaurant in Lynchburg is actually Doc's Diner right on campus. We had dinner there and I have to admit - the service was painfully slow - I mean P-A-I-N-F-U-L-L-Y-S-L-O-W! But it was all worth it to get some of their banana pudding! I love that stuff.

LIBERTY BASKETBALL - Some of my fondest memories from my 4 years at Liberty from 1983-1987 was going to the basketball games. We got to relive that Saturday night watching Liberty play Winthrop who won the Big South Championship last year and went to the NCAA Tournament. The Liberty team is young and wasn't given much of a chance against the Eagles of Winthrop. But in a great and exciting game, Liberty upset Winthrop being led by Evan Gordon who had 26 points (Gordon's brother plays in the NBA with the LA Clippers).

CAMPUS CHURCH - Sunday morning we attended Campus Church which is geared for the college students. The worship was nothing short of excellent. One of the Campus Pastors, Johnny Moore, preached a message on Jacob - it was outstanding. He went through the really messed up life of Jacob and showed how at the end of his life he realized that through all of his mistakes and misfortunes, God had been shepherding him. This passage in Genesis is the very first time in Scripture that God is referred to as a shepherd. He then showed what meaning that is for us today that the Lord really is "our Shepherd." It was just what I needed to hear.


Anonymous said...

You are making me miss my one semester at Liberty! The VA Christmas show was one of many highlights I had that semester.

Pastor Scott said...

Good to hear from you, Anonymous! I always love going back to Liberty. I still consider it a very special place. I wouldn't trade my four years there for anything! Believe it or not, I never made it to the Christmas program during my 4 years so it was sure good to see it this year! Blessings to you this Christmas season!

Anonymous said...

Pastor Scott, thank you for you the wonderful review of our show! We've posted your quote on our facebook wall today.