Thursday, December 02, 2010

Pit Bull Marriage

Each day this week we are looking at a phrase from the words of God Himself that He spoke in Genesis 2:24 the day He created marriage and officiated the first wedding ceremony. We have already looked at these phrases:

Monday we introduced the fact that, "YOUR MARRIAGE IS WORTH IT!" Tuesday we looked at the phrase, "FOR THIS CAUSE!" Wednesday we looked at the phrase, "A MAN SHALL LEAVE HIS FATHER AND HIS MOTHER!" Today we move on to the next phrase, "AND SHALL CLEAVE TO HIS WIFE!"

"LEAVING" and "CLEAVING" - those are two very important words when it comes to the Divine purpose of marriage. "LEAVING," as we saw yesterday, means that your spouse is to be the most important human relationship in your life - even over your parents. So important is it that not only are you to "LEAVE" your mother and father but you are also to "CLEAVE" to your spouse.

The best way I can describe the concept of "CLEAVING" in our modern culture is to say that your marriage is to be like two pieces of pipe sodered together to become one permanent piece of pipe. That is to be the idea of your marriage as well. You are to "CLEAVE" to each other. We could describe the concepts of "LEAVING" and "CLEAVING" with these two words:



In other words - as the old saying goes, God's purpose at the time He created marriage was "ONE man with ONE woman for ONE lifetime!" That hadn't changed at the time of Jesus nor had it changed at the time of Paul. So what does this mean? It means that this is God's same purpose for YOUR marriage today!

So let me encourage and challenge you - hang on to your marriage like a pit bull dog! Don't let go! No matter how hard it gets; No matter how tempting it is to run; No matter who advises you to bail out - HANG ON TO YOUR MARRIAGE AT ALL COSTS! Why? Because YOUR MARRIAGE IS WORTH IT!

Tomorrow I will end this 5-part posting by looking at the final phrase, "AND THEY SHALL BECOME ONE FLESH!"

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John T said...

Thanks for the thoughts on marriage, even though your not "on staff", your still on the job!
Miss your sermons and hope you land in Lancaster someplace so we can get back hearing them again.

Pastor Scott said...

Thanks, John. I appreciate the encouragement. It is great to hear from you. Blessings to you this Christmas season!

Craig said...

What great timing Scott to read your blog this week on marriage. We celebrated our 26th wedding anniversary on Dec. 1. Like John said, we miss your sermons! Hope you are doing well. Craig Ford

Pastor Scott said...

Hi Craig! Congratulations to you and your wonderful wife on 26 years of "leaving and cleaving." May God give you another 26 years together with many bonus years after that as well! Thanks for reading, commenting and for your kind words of encouragement. Most of all, thanks for your prayers - after all, nothing of eterna importance happens apart from prayer! Blessings!