Wednesday, December 01, 2010

New Sheriff In Town

YOUR MARRIAGE IS WORTH IT! That's the theme of each day's postings this week. We are breaking down, phrase by phrase, the words of God in Genesis 2:24 when He created marriage and officiated the very first wedding in the Garden of Eden. Here is what He said:

"For this cause (a phrase we looked at yesterday) a man shall leave his father and his mother, and cleave to his wife; and they shall become one flesh."

Now don't overlook that very important phrase, "A MAN SHALL LEAVE HIS FATHER AND MOTHER." For Adam this was pretty easy seeing that he was the first man and didn't have a father or a mother - nor did he have any in-laws (what a lucky guy...just kidding, Mom and Dad Day - I love and appreciate you both very much). But for us today - it is a very crucial and often overlooked piece of the purpose of marriage. For a marriage to succeed a husband and a wife must "leave" their mother and their father. This is a Divine purpose of marriage.

Think of it this way - growing up who was the most important people in your life? It was most likely your parents and that is exactly how it should have been. BUT that changes when you get married. I guess you could say that on that day when you say "I do" there is a new sheriff in town. No longer is your mother or your father the most important human relationship in your life. It now must be your spouse. That doesn't mean that we still don't love and honor our parents - they most certainly deserve it. But here is what it does mean. Read carefully:

If you have to choose between pleasing your parents or pleasing your spouse - CHOOSE YOUR SPOUSE!

And for some that is much more difficult than for others. But it is part of God's design for marriage and if you don't make your spouse your greatest priority when it comes to human relationships you will struggle greatly in your marriage.

Every parent who becomes an "in-law" needs to memorize this verse. That is what will keep you as a parent from becoming an "out-law." Never force your grown, married children to choose between you and their spouse. They are to "leave" you and "cleave" to their mate.

Tomorrow we will look at the phrase, "And cleave to his wife!"

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