Thursday, December 16, 2010

And The Christmas Story Winner Is...

In my post yesterday I asked who you thought the most important character (besides Jesus) was in the Biblical story of the first Christmas.

Mary? NO!

Joseph? NO!

The Shepherds? NO!

The Wise Men? NO!

The Inn-Keeper? NO!

The Angels? NO!

Then who is the most important character (besides Jesus) in the story of Christmas as seen in the Bible? Are you ready for my answer? Here it is! The most important character in the Christmas story (besides Jesus), in my opinion, is:


That's right - YOU! YOU are the reason Jesus came from heaven to earth. He came to save YOU! Why? Because YOU are a sinner and YOUR sin separates YOU from God! YOU didn't become a sinner the first time YOU sinned. YOU were born that way! I can prove it! Did YOUR parents ever have to teach YOU how to misbehave? No! It came naturally for YOU! Why? because YOU were born a sinner and because of YOUR sin YOU can not have a relationship with God. And without a relationship with God YOU cannot go to heaven.

And what's worse is that there is nothing YOU can do about it! YOU can't earn your way to heaven by being good because YOU will still be a sinner! Getting baptized or going through some other religious hoop won't do the trick either - YOU will still be a sinner. YOU see, that is why Jesus came! He came to do what YOU could not do for YOURSELF and what no other human could do for YOU! He came to die for YOUR sin! And 33 years after He was born in Bethlehem, when Jesus died on the cross, God took YOUR sin and placed them on Jesus! Then God poured out His wrath on Jesus because Jesus carried YOUR sin. Everything that needed to happen to satisfy the wrath of God against YOUR sin happened when Jesus died on the cross in YOUR place.

That's why Jesus came to this earth! He came to die for YOU! That makes YOU, in my opinion, one of the most important characters in the Christmas story!

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Diane said...

Awesome, isn't it!!! It's always said "God bless us" but my hope is to bless God. Have a wonderful christmas.

Pastor Scott said...

Amen, Diane! Have a great Christmas!