Monday, May 31, 2010

Those Who Battled

Monday is Memorial Day, a day in America where we take time to remember those brave men and women who bravely battled and sacrificed their all for our freedom. I praise the Lord today for each and every one of those who gave their life in the past as well as all those today who put their lives in harm’s all over our country to protect our freedom.

Today I am also thankful for those who have been willing to do spiritual battle over the years as well. This isn’t a battle fought on soil with guns and tanks but rather one that is fought on our knees with prayer and intercession. It is those who have prayed for our church and our ministry who have provided the greatest service that one could render for the church.

That is why I am so excited about our June Prayer Challenge here are Grace Church as part of our year of prayer. Let me take the time to remind you of what this prayer challenge is all about:

What is the June Prayer Challenge? Our prayer challenge for June is to see 7 days of non-stop prayer take place by our ministry for our ministry.

When will this June Prayer Challenge take place? We will begin at the stroke of midnight the morning of Monday, June 7th and go all the way through 11:59pm on Sunday, June 13th.

How will this June Prayer Challenge work? We have taken these 7 days and divided them into 672 different 15-minute time slots. If we can fill all 672 slots with someone willing to pray for that 15 minute time-period we can see 7 days of non-stop prayer take place for our ministry.

How can people sign up to be part of this June Prayer Challenge? All you need to do to be part is to sign up by going to our church website at; clicking on the June Prayer Challenge banner; going to June on the calendar; picking a 15-minute time-slot; filling in your personal information; and then hitting submit. People can sign up as individuals, as couples, as families, or as groups.

Can people sign up for more than one slot for this June Prayer Challenge? Yes. Sign up for one slot or multiple slots. When signing up multiple times, however, you have to make a separate request for each time slot you would like to reserve.

Will there be specific requests to pray for during this June Prayer Challenge? Yes. Once you reserve a time-slot you will receive an e-mail confirmation with 10 specific requests we would like everyone to pray for during their time(s) of prayer.

Do you have to come to the church to pray during this June Prayer Challenge? No. You can pray wherever you are at during your reserved time.

Why are we doing the June Prayer Challenge? Because as my spiritual hero, Dr Jerry Falwell, used to always say, “Nothing of eternal importance happens apart from prayer!”

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