Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Cleveland Indians WIN!

Most of you know that I am an avid baseball fan and a devoted follower of the Cleveland Indians who have not won a world series in my lifetime and have broken my heart on too numerous of occasions to count. But we finally won! Fox Sports had an article on their website last week showing a report of the most hated teams in baseball based on key words people use to show if they have positive, negative or neutral reactions to different brands or products (I’m not sure I want to know exactly what some of those “key descriptive words” were).

I would have bet the farm that the New York Yankees came out on the top of “the most hated list of baseball teams." But they weren’t. Actually there were four teams that came out as “more hated” than the Yankees. That is hard for me to comprehend because they are definitely at the top of my “most hated baseball teams” list. But Yankee fans will be even more glad to know that fans hate the Boston Red Sox more than they hate the Bronx Bombers.

But coming out on top of this prestigious list were my most beloved Cleveland Indians. We can’t seem to win a World Series but at least we won something. Here was the list of the top 10 baseball teams fans hate:

Cleveland Indians

Boston Red Sox

Cincinnati Reds

Houston Astros

New York Yankees

Washington Nationals

Chicago White Sox

Baltimore Orioles

New York Mets

Los Angeles Dodgers

In case you are wondering, the San Fran Cisco Giants and the Oakland Athletics were the two teams at the other end of the list. How about that? The two least hated teams in Major League Baseball were both from the California West Coast – go figure. And what’s with this? Two of the top three hated teams were both from Ohio! No problem – as a Cleveland Indians fan still waiting for a world championship, I will take any win. After all, a “W” is a “W”!

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