Tuesday, May 11, 2010

On The Calendar

I was taking the time recently to look over my calendar through October. Outside of the typcal week to week and Sunday to Sunday events, here are the other things I am looking forward to:

May 14 – My son’s Band, Eternal Mindset, has a concert with the band, Disciple!
May 15 - My son's Band has their final concert at Long's Park before college!

May 16 – I go to get Joy and bring her home from College for the summer!

May 17-19 – Laura and I are going on a romantic getaway!

May 23 – Our 23rd Wedding Anniversary!

May 27-June 9Extended family visiting surrounding Jonathan’s graduation!

June 3 – My Son’s High School Graduation!

June 11-20Operation Barnabas Orientation here at Grace Church!

June 17-20 – A weekend to myself (Laura and the kids at a wedding in Indiana)!
June 18-19 - Going to Pittsburg to watch back to back Cleveland Indians games vs Pirates!
June 22 - Going to Philadelphia to watch my Indians do some damage the Phillies!

July 2 – Taking the Family to see Phantom of the Opera at the Fulton!

July 18-21 – Enjoying some days away with the family at the shore!

July 23-24 – Officiating a Wedding!

August 1Youth-led Communion Service!
August 2-3 - Meeting a friend from Ohio in Pittsburg to watch Reds vs Pirates!

August 5-6 – Attending the Leadership Summit at LCBC!

August 16-18 – Taking Jonathan to College for his Freshman Year! Empty Nest Begins!

August 28 – Officiating another Wedding!

August 29-September 3 – Attending a Leadership Development Program in Colorado

September 4-7 – Spending the holiday weekend with Laura’s family in southern Colorado

September 22See You at the Pole Prayer Event! (Church-wide Activity)

October 16-29 – My 3rd Trip to Israel!


Andy Spade said...

It's Pittsburgh. Don't hate the "H".

Pastor Scott said...

Thank you, Mr Secretary!!!!!

Wayne said...

I thought my life was busy!! You have a pretty packed schedule!!

Pastor Scott said...

True, Wayne. But that is what keeps me out of trouble (most of the time!)!