Thursday, May 06, 2010

Grace Cafe Dedication - Photos 11-15

A happy couple enjoy the new cafe!

The new Grace Cafe is a great place to connect

Meeting and Moving - the purpose of the new cafe

Dan Buch, Building Committee Chairman, gives the dedication prayer

Scott Distler (Senior Pastor) and Dan Buch (Building Committee Chairman) find a way to cut the ceremonial ribbon for the dedication of the new cafe at Grace


Anonymous said...

Love the picture of the Encks! What a great Grace couple!!!Their entire family has served this church in such an enormous way. I know they have been a true blessing to our family. It just made me smile this morning to see them pictured in your blog! Hope the new cafe brings Grace church more "Encks"...or more importantly, I hope that the new cafe gives us all an opportunity to be more "Enck like".

Pastor Scott said...

WOW, Anonymous! And to think that I almost put the caption "Beauty and the Beast" under their picture! Just kidding - I agree with you 100%. We need more Encks in our church and we all need to be more "Enck-like"! Thanks for your wonderful comment.

Allison Young said...

As nice as the Enck family is and I appreciate what they have done and do for Grace Church. The bible teaches however, we are to be Christ like. My hope is,for Grace Church to help people to become more Christ like.

Pastor Scott said...

Very good point, Allison. It reminds me of Paul saying, "follow me as I follow Christ." Hopefully if people try to be "Paul-like", "Scott-like", "Allison-like" or "Enck-like" it will also result in their being "Christ-like" as well.