Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Moving the Furniture around

A few weeks ago, Laura changed our bedroom furniture around. You say, “So what?” Well, you need to understand that my wife requires complete darkness in order to sleep – I’m talking “pitch black, can’t see your hand in front of your face” type of darkness. A sock even goes over the alarm clock so the numbers don’t give off any light. I’m talking darkness.

And that’s fine because over the past 6 years that we have lived in our house, I have mastered the art of getting from my bed in the middle of the night to the restroom, something I find myself doing more frequently in the middle of the night as I age. I know exactly how many steps to go in what direction in order to avoid furniture and find the middle of the night promised land.

But when she moved the furniture around, everything changed. That first night I woke up at about the same time as usual, and stepped out of bed in order to head to the restroom not thinking of the amazing adventure it would be. I was completely disoriented standing there in the dark. I had no idea what direction to walk or how many steps to take. I bravely ventured out into the darkness and within a few steps rand smack dab into the dresser…ouch! As I ventured forward I next caught my big toe on the rocking chair…double ouch!

The pain in my toe now increased my disorientation. I had to be a sight to see. My hands were reaching out grasping for a wall or a piece of furniture to try to figure out where exactly in the room I was standing and what direction is should cautiously precede in. I slid my feet cautiously across the carpet causing all kinds of static electricity. I knew the closed door to the restroom off of our bedroom had to be somewhere but the only door I could seem to find over and over again was the door to our closet and that just wasn’t going to work.

I thought of that night this week as I was reading in 2 Peter 1 and saw that Peter talked about the nature and authority of Scripture and said that we would do well to pay attention to the Bible as a lamp shining in a dark place. David makes the same description in Psalm 119:105 when he describes the Word as a lamp to his feet and a light to his way.

Just like my bedroom at night, we live in a dark world today when it comes to spiritual things. In fact, it is pitch black out there. And our only light to show us how to live and what to believe is the Bible. That is what God has given us for direction until Jesus comes. Without it, we will crash into all kinds of spiritual obstacles and open all sorts of doors of false teaching and false doctrine.

So, how much are you using your Bible as lamp in your life? Are you going to the Word daily or are you grappling around in this dark spiritual world constantly running into obstacles that are hindering your growth as a Christ-follower and opening all kinds of dangerous doors. If you think you can walk through this dark spiritual world without a commitment to the Bible in your life, just remember, Satan is always rearranging the furniture without warning.

By the way, in case you’re wondering, our bedroom furniture has been moved back to normal.


Andy Spade said...

Scott, I appreciated your sermon on Sunday. I like analogies, so I really connected with the the world being dark and Satan rearranging the furniture. I've nailed my toe that way myself!

I just wanted to add a shameless Connect Group plug - God has placed other believers in our lives to help shine the lamp of the Bible, holding us accountable, and magnifying the light of God's Word. I am so thankful for Rick, Ryan, Andy, Aaron, Matt, Ron, Justin, who have helped make the Word more real in my life. So all you readers out there, check out Connect! You'll be glad you did!

Pastor Scott said...

Amen, Andy!