Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The LCS Family

I had the thrill of attending a wedding this past weekend down in Lancaster. Typically when I am at a wedding I am the one officiating the ceremony, so it was really nice to just attend this one. I actually sat on the back row because we arrived just in the nick of time. As I watched from the very back (identifying with the rest of you “back row pagans” – just kidding) I was struck by something very fascinating. Here is what I noticed:

The bride and the groom were both alumni of Lititz Christian School

The pastor who officiated the ceremony is the Spiritual Life Director at Lititz Christian School

The Senior Administrator of Lititz Christian School sang a solo

Two other alumni of Lititz Christian School provided special music

Two faculty members of Lititz Christian School played the prelude music

The mother of the bride works in the office at Lititz Christian School

Most all of the wedding party were alumni of Lititz Christian School

The greater percentage of guests were also associated with Lititz Christian School

As I made all of these observations from the back pew of the church we were sitting in, I was moved by the power of family. Yes – this includes personal family but the truth is that there are also families that we become involved in outside of just our own relatives. The church we attend becomes like a family. Clubs we are part of become like a family. But in this case I was struck by the awesome connection there is in being part of the family of Lititz Christian School which is a ministry of Grace Church.

This wedding demonstrated how much impact a Christian School like LCS can have in the life of a person. Take away all of the LCS connections from this wedding and there would have been very few people left in the church on that particular Saturday.

I feel privileged to be part of the Lititz Christian School family. I get to enjoy this connection on a couple of fronts. First, as the Sr Pastor of Grace Church, of which Lititz Christian School is a ministry. But I also get to enjoy this family connection because of being a parent. My daughter graduated from Lititz Christian in 2008. My son will graduate from Lititz Christian this coming June 3rd as part of the class of 2010. As a result of this connection, I will always be connected with the Lititz Christian School family. For that I praise the Lord.

Lititz Christian School and MorningStar Childcare is currently enrolling for summer camp and the next academic year. Why not call LCS (717-626-5828) and see what this family is all about?

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