Monday, May 03, 2010


Our Survivor: Old Testament text polling is now finished. We started with 14 favorite stories from the Old Testament. After each round we dismissed from the list the two stories which received the least amount of votes in that round. Over the first three rounds of voting the following stories were in essence “voted off the island”:

Cain murders Abel

Moses and the Red Sea

Lot and the pillar of salt

Three men and the fiery furnace

Elisha heals Namaan

Solomon divides the baby

That left just 8 stories going into the final round. Amazingly, we received 7,765 votes in the final round and when the dust settled the final two stories to get voted off the island were:

The patience of Job – receiving just 293 votes (3.8% of votes cast)

Noah and the ark – receiving 986 votes (12.7% - falling just 21 votes shy of remaining)

Below are the winners listed in the order they finished after the final round. These will be the 6 stories that will be part of our summer Survivor: Old Testament series here at Grace Church that will take place starting the first Sunday of August and running through Labor Day weekend.

Gideon and the fleece1141 votes (14.7% of votes cast)

Achan steals the goods1097 votes (14.1% of votes cast)

Abraham offers Isaac1082 votes (13.9% of votes cast)

Deborah and the tent spike – also 1082 votes (13.9% of votes cast)

Jehu the wild chariot driver1077 votes (13.9% of votes cast)

David and Goliath1007 (13% of votes cast)

Thank you for your participation in this fun contest that started on Easter weekend. It was a pure experiment through and through and we are absolutely amazed at the numbers participating.

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