Saturday, June 20, 2009

Top Ten Summer Prayer Requests


Do you believe that? Really?

If you are part of the Grace Church family, I hope your answer to that question is an emphatic YES!!!

Based on that, I want to share with you 10 prayer requests for our ministry for June, July and August. I have purposefully made each of these requests specific and measurable. The more specific we pray the more we will see answers to our prayers and the more our faith will grow. I’m asking everyone who is part of Grace Church to pray for each of these requests a minimum of 3 days a week! 5 days a week would be better! 7 days a week would be best!!

Here are the 10 prayer request for June/July/August:

· For the hiring of the right person as secondary principal by the start of the new academic year at Lititz Christian School

· For the hiring of the right person as daycare director by the start of the new academic year at MorningStar Daycare and Academics

· To start the new academic year at Lititz Christian School with a minimum of 237 students enrolled (this is the amount of student enrollment needed at LCS to meet budget for the 2009/2010 school year)

· For a record Vacation Bible School when it comes to attendance and salvation decisions

· That over the 9 weeks of July and August, we would see a total of $449,601.93 come in to our General Fund offering (this would allow us to start our first two months of the 2009/2010 fiscal year by meeting our giving budget goal which averages out to $49,955.77 weekly)

· That when our Fall CONNECT Group campaign begins in October, we will have a minimum of 100 CONNECT Groups taking place (we begin promotion for this August 23rd)

· That all of our teens and youth staff traveling this summer (Operation Barnabas, Ireland, Momentum Youth Conference) would return safe and having each of their lives changed spiritually which would then impact our entire church

· That by the end of August we will have received all approvals (township, Elders, and congregation) and will be able to have started our foyer renovation and broken ground on our cafĂ©/office addition

· That we would average a minimum of 1333 in Sunday morning attendance over the 13 Sundays in June, July and August (not counting the live webcast) which would be a 20% increase over our June/July/August average last year (not counting last year’s Patriotic Celebration)

· That we would have our new church logo, church website and school/daycare websites up and running by the end of August

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