Wednesday, June 17, 2009

An Hour With God - Part Three and Four

This week I am sharing segments of a 7-part guide I put together for our staff at our last staff meeting as I sent them to find a place to be alone on campus to spend an hour with God. Why not take a few minutes each day this week to do a part of this guide yourself?

Part 3 – Praying for God’s Purposes to be Fulfilled in Others

List below the names of 5 people who either need salvation or who need to find their way back to the Lord.

Take time to pray for these 5 people. Pray that:

They would repent
God would bring a Christian into their life to impact them for the Lord
They would remember Scripture that they heard at some point in their life
Their spiritual eyes would be opened
You personally would have an opportunity to speak into their life

Take time to pray for Grace Ministries

That we would effectively meet and move people
That our finances would remain strong
That enrollment would increase in our educational ministries
That we would accomplish our 5 year vision plan
That we would be unified and not give Satan a foothold in our ministry

Ask God right now to lay on your heart the names of two people who work somewhere in our ministry (church, school or daycare). Pray for those 2 individuals right now

Part 4 – Bring Your Personal Needs and Requests before God

Think through a personal need you have in each of the following areas:


Take time to pray for each of these areas. Make your requests as specific and measurable as possible


Anonymous said...

Wow, Wow, Wow!!! This is fabulous, one of your staff already shared with me the incredible time spent alone during your first staff meeting with their Creator. Oh how I long to and love to hear stories from people who praised, petition, and requested from the Almighty and their amazement to see just how all powerful He is, if people only realized how time spent with Him really turns your whole day upside down, He makes the impossible happen daily. This Sunday our Pre-K kids will be focusing on prayer, each week in June/July we are learning, "We worship God when we". The last two have been "thankful" and "sing" and this week is "Pray", it just so happens when we had snack this past week that practically each kiddo wanted to lead the prayer for snack time, I'm talking 3,4, and 5 yr olds. I can't wait till Sunday to hear them each pray what is on their little innocent, TRUE, hearts. I can't wait to see the excitement of your staff rub off on the congregation and hear many spending more time with their Creator, listening to Him and obeying. I would love to see a prayer challenge, similiar to your Bible reading challenge, where for a month, each member was challenged to prayer specifics for the day, hint, hint. Ok I'm done blabbing, this is super long so no worries about posting. Have a super day!!

Val Kramer

Pastor Scott said...

Thanks Val! We are acutally planning to make the 2010 calendar year a "Year of Prayer" throughout our entire ministry including monthly prayer challenges and much more!

Anonymous said...

My heart is overwhelmed with excitement and joy as I've read your blog on giving your staff the gift of spending an hour in prayer. I believe God is up to something great.For quite some year's now, God has been pursuing me in the area of prayer. From more than 30 years ago when we moved to the Lancaster area and an older woman of faith and prayer, took me under her wing, so to speak and began to model for me the life and ministry of prayer she lived. Over the year's God has been drawing me, molding me and refining me to be a prayer warrior and as much as I'd like to say, I've learned it, I am still continuing to learn to be a woman of prayer, what I have learned is the quickness in my spirit of recognizing no matter the circumstance, the thought to talk to the Lord about it,first. Much of what i've learned so far, is that a daily practice of it, draws you to desire it more. I was challenged some years ago, when someone shared how Satanists, have 3:00 am designated as the hour of the morning to pray against Christianity, my heart was so grieved,the Holy Spirit challanged me to get up every morning at 4 am. to pray. I told the Lord he'd have to wake me up every morning because I didn't want to set the alarm for that hour beause of waking my husband with it. He has consistently done that. And as I've been obedient,(tho, i confess there have been times I've begged the Lord for 5 minutes and then I've fallen back to sleep and missed the hour with him)it is no longer, "I have to get up to pray," it's more that "I can't wait to get to be with Him," it's a real disappointment when i miss my time with Him. So my prayer is that God will stir up a hunger and passion in the staff and others for having an hour of prayer with Him every day. Wow, what would happen if we believers truly became prayer warriors, how we'd see the hand of God move.
Remember the song from a few years back, Raise up an army, Oh God, I'll be praying for an army of prayer warriors.

Pastor Scott said...

Amen, Anonymous, Amen! We are looking to make 2010 "The Year of Prayer" for our entire ministry. We want to push prayer more in 2010 than any other year in the history of our ministry. Please join me in prayer now that God would use this in the life of our church in extraordinary ways! Blessings!