Monday, June 22, 2009

How do you say "OUCH" in Cambodia?

Recently, Pastor Tim and I were able to have lunch with two couples who have a real heart for the country of Cambodia. The first couple was Kent and Becky Good who are Grace Brethren International Missionaries living in Cambodia and overseeing the work there that is being done by the national foundational layers who go from village to village evangelizing and discipling people.

The second couple was Mike and Joan McCracken. Mike and Joan head our Mission team here at Grace Church and do a wonderful job of helping us as a church to effectively meet people where they are at (even half way around the world) and help move them to where God wants them to be. By the way, Mike will be voted on by our congregation on June 28th as our newest Elder here at Grace Church.

One of the fun times we had at lunch was seeing a picture of Joan giving a shot to one of our Cambodian Foundation Layers. After seeing the grimace on his face and then seeing multiple other shots that were all similar, I decided I should volunteer Joan to give the staff flu shots this fall here at Grace Ministries.

Mike and Joan have been part of the development work being done with CTM (Community Transformation Ministry) which included providing vaccinations to the church planters and their families. On the trip in which these pictures were taken, Joan was enjoying helping Dr. Roger Snyder with theses vaccinations. Mike’s favorite picture is that of Joan heading back into town on her motorbike to take care of some business for the team.

Grace Church is having a real impact in the country formerly known as “The Killing Fields”. So if you are part of the Grace Church family, please be sure to be praying for our Cambodian Foundation Layers and the ministry we are having together in Cambodia.

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