Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Why is God still blessing America?

As we have been studying the Antichrist on Sunday mornings here at Grace Church we have seen that when he comes on the scene he will rule the world through a ten nation confederacy that is often referred to as the Revived Roman Empire. So that brings up a very legitimate and sincere question…Will the United States be one of those countries?

I think the answer to that question is, “Could be!” We really cannot be certain. As I study prophecy I have a hard time finding the United States being mentioned . It is my opinion (that’s “thus sayeth Scott” not “thus sayeth the Lord”) that America will not be one of those nations. If that is true then obviously something must happen between now and then to cause the power and the prestige of America to greatly diminish.

What could cause such a thing? One possibility I see is a complete economic collapse. Our country as a whole and Americans as individuals are so addicted to materialism and have accrued such immense amounts of financial debt that a major economic collapse would have the potential of brining our nation to its knees.

But I think there is another more pertinent possibility. To understand it we must first ask ourselves another question…“Why is God still blessing the United States of America?” Some would say it is because of the role of the church as a whole in our country. I’m not sure this is the case. I think it is very debatable as to if the church as a whole in America is all that strong and healthy.

Another might suggest that it is because of the number of international missionaries that our country sends to the ends of the earth. Maybe this is the case but I remember reading recently that there are other countries who are actually sending out more missionaries than are coming out of the United States. I have heard others say that it is because we are still a very moral nation. To truly believe this you must have been living with your head in the sand for the last couple of decades or so.

Then why is God still blessing our country? I think it goes back to a promise that God made to a man named Abraham way back in Genesis 12 when he told Abraham that He would bless him and through his descendants form a mighty nation. That nation is Israel. But then God went on to tell Abraham that those who blessed him (Israel) God would bless and those that cursed him (Israel) God would curse. Why is God still blessing America? I don’t think it is because of the strength of the church or the level of our morality as a country. I think God is still blessing America because we remain the number one friend and ally of Israel in the world.

So what could cause the sudden collapse of our country’s standing in the world? Folks, listen, as long as we bless Israel, I believe that God will bless us. But when that day comes, and I believe it will, when America turns it back on Israel, on that very day I believe that God will turn His back on America.

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