Thursday, September 25, 2008

Leaving the Antichrist in the Dust

All month long we have been studying about the Antichrist on Sunday mornings. What have we learned about this coming world ruler?

We have learned that he is called by some 35 names in Scripture. The Apostle John calls him the Antichrist in 1 John and the Beast out of the Sea in Revelation.
We have learned that he is the most dangerous person ever to walk on planet earth and that he is energized by Satan who gives him his power, his throne and his authority.

We have learned that he will lead a 10-nation confederacy that will become the greatest world power that the world has ever seen in all of its history.

We have learned that he will counterfeit the resurrection of Jesus which will result in the world not only following him, but also worshipping him as God.

We have learned that by worshipping the Antichrist, people will actually be worshipping Satan.

We have learned that he will speak great words of blasphemy and that he will seek to overcome Israel and the tribulation saints.

This Sunday we will conclude our 4-week series on the Antichrist that I will preview in my blog tomorrow. But after all of these mornings learning what the Bible teaches about the Antichrist, it is now time to leave the Antichrist in the dust and focus solely on the true Christ…Jesus Christ.

Everyone is invited to join us here in the Grace Church auditorium for a very special Night of Worship this Saturday evening, September 27, beginning at 7pm. This is an opportunity to spend an extended time together in praise, worship, prayer, and reflection, focusing solely on lifting up the Name of Jesus Christ and dwelling in the presence of God. The evening will be led by our Worship Arts Director, Matt McElravy (pictured).

And because "worship" is so much more than just music, we encourage you to act out your worship and service to God by dropping off some "Stuff the Sunroom" items on your way in, which will help meet the needs of many women and children in our community and will share the love of Christ with them in a very real way. This will give us a jump start to the month of October in which we are asking all of our ministries to join together to fill the needs of 4 local organizations that exist to help women and children who are going through struggling times right here in Lancaster County. It is our desire to literally STUFF THE SUNROOM off the church lobby with thousands of items such as baby items, cleaning supplies, craft supplies, non-perishable food, games, office supplies, paper supplies and toiletries. Join us Saturday for a special Night of Worship at Grace!


elaine bendinsky said...

What a fantastic time of worship on Saturday night. Many thanks to Matt and the other members of the worship and media teams for giving up so much of their Saturday to make this an incredible time worshipping our God and Saviour!

Pastor Scott said...

Thanks, Elaine! I heard many other wonderful comments about the evening as well. Thanks for supporting the event and thanks for your feedback!