Monday, September 22, 2008

Glow in the Dark Green Slime

On Sundays during the month of October, we will not only be adding a third Sunday morning service, since we are now regularly exceeding the 80% capacity mark in our auditorium in our current two services, but we will also be studying a haunting message series that we are calling, “Ghostbusters.”

The series will start on October 5 with our worship band kicking off the morning by playing the theme song to the hit movie of the 80’s, “Ghostbusters!” In my opinion, this just may be the best theme song to any movie in Hollywood’s history. Our own David Felty will be singing the lead vocals on this song. David has sung and acted at Sight and Sound Theater and on Broadway and is always a favorite when he sings here at Grace Church. In fact, later in October he and his wife, Jen, will be giving a concert here at the church. I can’t wait to hear David and the band open our series with this movie theme song…“Who ya gonna call?”

Not long ago, a lady from our church stopped by my house to give me a present that she saw at Target that day. It is a t-shirt that mimics the top of the outfit that Bill Murray wore in the Ghostbusters movie. It is so cool…but here is the best part. If you remember the movie, one of the greatest scenes is when Murray is chasing the ghost and he gets slimed and ends up laying on the floor covered with gross green goo! Well, guess what? This shirt has the green slime on it and when you turn off the lights, the slime glows in the dark. Since I have been asked by this dear lady to wear the shirt as we kick off the series on October 5, you can bank on the fact that when I stand up to preach we will turn off the lights for just a moment so that you can see the green slime glow in the dark.

So, who have you invited to come and be part of our Ghostbusters series in October? It is so simple. All you have to do is to ask anyone you happen to be talking to this question, “Do you believe in ghosts?” No matter what their answer is, invite them to church this October. Our Ghostbusters series will take place in these sections:

Week 1 (October 5): We will answer the question, “Are ghosts real and if so, what are they?” Depending on the answer to those questions, how should I respond as a Christian?

Week 2 and 3 (October 12 and 19): Can the spirits of the dead communicate to those who are still living? Over these weeks we will study the Old Testament story of King Saul going to the Witch of Endor to speak with the dead spirit of the prophet Samuel.

Week 4 (October 26): What is the historical roots of Halloween? What spiritual merit is there in this October holiday that can cause all of us to be strengthened in our faith?

Through this series we will learn some deep, meaningful and practical truths from Scripture on a topic you don’t hear talked about in church often. In case you’re wondering, the message series will not in any way be scary, just educational and motivational.


Nevin said...

I don't suppose you could just play the movie one of these Sundays...

Pastor Scott said...

Hey, Nevin, I like that! Then i can have a Sunday off and still get paid!!!