Tuesday, September 23, 2008

SUPERMAN is only as effective as his STAFF

I laughed really hard when I saw this comic that one of our staff found in the paper and put in my box. If your lost as to its connection, just cut and paste the following link and you will understand…http://www.gracechurchworship.org/2videojune8.html! But the truth is that “superman” is really only as effective as the staff surrounding him. My goal when I came to Grace Church 4 years ago was to build a dream team of staff. That has been accomplished. I am daily amazed at our staff and their effectiveness. Our ministry staff includes the following:

Tim Auld is our Executive Pastor. Two weeks ago Tim moved from Pastor of Spiritual Formation to this new role. He is now over every aspect of our church ministry and I am amazed at what he has already accomplished in just a two week time period.

Whitie Willard is our Care Pastor. He has been on our staff the longest of all our ministry staff and is the one who makes all of our hospital and shut-in visits.

Steve Burghart is our Pastor of Connections. He is our newest staff member coming from Southern California where he was on staff at the church pastored by Rick Warren. His main role is to lead us in becoming a church of small groups.

Doug Kegarise is our Director of Student Ministries. Doug is home grown here at Grace Church and has done a very effective job in developing our 7th-12th grade ministry. Under Doug’s leadership is Jeremiah Kleylein who is our Junior High Director.

Susan Auld is our Director of Children’s Ministry and is the wife of our Executive Pastor. She has led the way in making our children’s ministry relevant and exciting. Brenda Miller serves under Susan’s leadership as our Early Childhood Director

Matt McElravy is our Worship Arts Director. This young man has more talent than seems fair. His ability to lead in worship and his introducing of original songs that he has written has greatly enhanced our worship ministry. Under Matt’s leadership are our Media Producer, Tim Reedy, and our newly hired Audio Technician, Nancy Martin.

Rick Bernhardt is our Senior Administrator who gives oversight, leadership and vision to our educational ministries including Morningstar Daycare and Lititz Christian School. Under his leadership are Eric Lewis (Secondary Principal); Sherry McConaghay (Elementary Principal); Tammy Wiggins (Daycare Director); and his key support ladies including Cindy Layton (finances) and Con Maser (office manager).

And then there is the backbone of our staff…our support staff who works in the church office making us all look good and keeping the ship of Grace Church from crashing. They include Joan Dombach, Karen Gromis, Elaine Bendinsky, Sheri Sell, Crissy Reedy, Jodi Miller, Charlene Mummau, Megan Wilkerson, Betsy Echternach and Laura Distler (she’s the sexy one on staff). And then there are our two full-time facility guys…Jay Hall and Marlin Weaver!

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