Sunday, May 04, 2008

Who gives a rip about fashion?

I admit it! I am not fashion conscience! I really could care less if I dress in the current fashions. That has never been important to me. In my mind, if I like it and if it is comfortable to wear…good enough! And the older I get (now age 43) the deeper my “who cares about fashion” attitude becomes.

I came face to face with this fact about myself recently when our family made a quick trip to Cleveland to watch the Indians play. We stayed overnight and as we were getting ready in the hotel the next morning I showered and dressed in what I felt was appropriate attire. As I recall I was wearing a light blue t-shirt, bright orange shorts and dark blue tennis shoes with white socks pulled up to my calves. I thought it looked fine and I was comfortable. But then my kids woke up, saw me, and began to laugh.

What’s wrong?” I asked.

You look like Pappy!” They replied.

Now Pappy is my dad. That is definitely where I get my “throw fashion out the window” attitude. It has to be genetic. In fact, my dad is probably the poster child for the “who gives a rip about fashion” movement in our world today.

As my kids stood their laughing at me…okay, let’s be honest…mocking me, I simply looked at my loving wife of nearly 21 years for some sentiment of encouragement or support. A simple wink or a compassionate smile would have been nice. But instead my wife looks at me, begins to laugh herself, and exclaims,

You do look like Pappy!”

But did I change clothes? NO WAY! You see, not only am I “fashion illiterate”, I am also very stubborn (I bet that comes as a surprise to most of you, doesn't it?)!

It happened to me again last February when our ministry staff flew to Dallas for the Creative Church Conference. I was faced with this same predicament. We were going to be flying and in airports all day and I wanted to be comfortable. So what did I wear? I wore a very sporty wind suit (pictured above).

Again, I thought it looked fine and, more importantly, I was very comfortable in it. But you should have heard our staff. You would have thought I was dressed like I was from another planet. And they still bring it up. Just last week as Pastor Tim was preparing to leave on vacation he e-mailed all the staff with pieces of advice he had received from other staff members to make his trip more enjoyable. Some "soon to be terminated" staff member advised him to wear a wind suit on the flight like Pastor Scott. By the way, I also wore the wind suit on that flight home from Dallas! Fashion-less and stubborn!

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