Thursday, May 22, 2008


What does a Wonder Woman do? We will continue to see this Sunday here at Grace Church that according to Proverbs 31, believe it or not, she sews (v13). Now this does not mean that a woman who can’t sew a button on a shirt isn’t godly anymore than it means that a man who can’t even take duct tape of the roll can be considered unspiritual (boy, am I thankful for that!). This woman was involved in sewing for the needs of her family and we must keep in mind that this was before the industrial revolution when women had to work at making clothes in order to keep their families clothed. But the point of the verse is that she enjoys doing this for her family. She did not see the tedious task of constant sewing for her family as a burden. It was a privilege.

We also learn that she shops (v14). Times haven’t changed, have they? But just because you know how to run up the credit card at the mall does not make you a Wonder Woman. Solomon described her like a merchant ship that brought unusual and fascinating stuff from different places. I remember as a kid seeing Friday as the best day of the week, not just because there was no school for the next two days, but because it was the day my mom went grocery shopping. What a blast it was to pour through the grocery bags and see what great snacks mom had brought home that week.

She also serves (v15). Though she has household help, she still is involved in serving, not just her family, but also her servants. Just because she had servants, she did not shirk her responsibility to care for her kids. She even gets up early to do so. She could have hit the snooze button and stayed in bed a bit longer in the morning and let her servants do all the morning preparations, but she got up early and joyfully served her family.

We also learn that she understood the need to be prepared (v21). She doesn’t panic about her family when winter comes because she has prepared for it in advance with all the sewing she has done to make sure that her family will be warm. The word “scarlet” can mean “two-cloaks” which suggests she had made double garments for warmth. She was prepared. She also took pleasure in quality (v22). She looks elegant, clothed in fine linen and purple, and she wanted the best for her family, sparing no cost in protecting her family from the cold. She also sees the priority of carefully managing her household (v27). She is never idle in meeting her family’s needs. That’s a real Wonder Woman!

The conduct of the Proverbs 31 Wonder Woman is one that is enterprising (v16, 24). She has a good business mind and starts her own business by purchasing a field and planting a vineyard. She uses her skills in sewing to make garments to sell. He work is also very energetic (v17, 19). She has a healthy attitude towards working. “Girding herself with strength” speaks of her working energetically. It is the idea of being vigorous and tireless. Her work is also excellent (v18). Her work ethic produces a monetary gain. The fact that her lamp does not go out at night most likely refers to her being prepared and planning ahead as seen in the parable of the virgins in Matthew 25. In Scripture a lamp going out was a picture of calamity. The Proverbs 31 Wonder Woman is committed to protecting her family from such a calamity. She is a real super hero!

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