Thursday, May 15, 2008


Each August the Leadership Summit held at Willow Creek Community Church near Chicago is simulcast live to the Lancaster County Bible Church (LCBC). Each year a group from Grace Church attends and it is amazing. Below is what some who attended last year’s Summit had to say. After reading these testimonials, you will want to attend this year’s Summit. I'll give you all of the details in my blog tomorrow.

“I found the Leadership Summit to be very inspiring. Being able to listen to business leaders, Christian leaders and even former government leaders provided a well-rounded view of leadership.”

“Each one of the speakers challenged me to look deep within myself to identify ways to not only motivate myself to do more, but also ways to motivate others.”

“The Summit is a great opportunity to stop, pull back, and look at the big picture of your life. It forces you to re-focus and refresh how you are spending the gifts God has given you. Each year I become more effective in leadership and ministry after taking these few short days to soak up the wisdom of the worlds best leaders.”

“Attending the Summit is like stopping to sharpen a saw. It will take time away from the work, but sharpening the blade is the right thing to do to finish well.”

“I enjoy the atmosphere of rubbing elbows with other believers and business leaders, meeting old friends and being challenged by God through leaders who have put themselves in the front lines of leadership.”

“Only a fool would think, after experiencing one of these Summits, that it is only for pastors, church leaders, and CEO's. I quickly discerned that the principles applied to me as a wife; mother; grandmother; friend; and one that desires to serve the Lord to the best of my abilities.”

“The content was great… thought provoking, challenging and full of good reminders. It’s an excellent tool for initiating open dialog with co-workers.”

“The Leadership Summit is a conference that provides enough great insight to keep one chewing on the principles and concepts for many months to follow. It’s a must attend for anyone who wants to grow as a leader for the glory of God.”

I was so impressed with the leaders and what I experienced at this Summit that I will be inviting my wife to attend with me next year.”

“It was great to be a part of a group from Grace Church intent on improving themselves as leaders. I was challenged in becoming a better leader at church, at my job and at home. I have already put next year's Summit on my calendar!”

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