Thursday, May 29, 2008

Grace Church Reaches to AFRICA

Back in December Grace Church and Lititz Christian School partnered together in our Birthday Gift for Jesus project resulting in our raising enough money to fully underwrite three Christian Schools for orphans in the Central African Republic in conjunction with three of our Grace Brethren Churches in Africa.

We also were able to pay for the dedication ceremony for the Orphan Welcome Center in the Central African Republic and to buy a van to get many of these orphans to school. I shared with our church in my e-mail update (which you can sign up to receive twice a week for free by going to our church website, video footage from Africa showing some 40 children piling out of this van for school. How wonderful it is to know that we are impacting hundreds of precious orphans across the ocean.

Recently, Mike and Joan McCracken, who lead our Mission Team here at Grace Church, received this exciting e-mail update from Ginger Hock of Project Hope & Charite in Bangui, Central African Republic. This report is regarding our school in Bossangoa which is the town north of Bangui that can be very difficult to get to because of rebel activity. The picture above was attached.

Hello Mike and Joan:

Here are a few photos from my recent trip to Bossangoa to visit your Hand in Hand school at the Sembegan Grace Brethren Church. It was a great trip and I was so impressed with the school and especially with our teacher Jean. There were 42 children there the day I visited and most of them were reading and doing addition, subtraction and even some division.

Jean is a very capable teacher and the kids in the school seem so happy and well behaved. The Pastor is very proud of the school and speaks highly of our teacher Jean also. I took some chalk and a few school supplies to pass out to the children and a few extra things for the teacher. If you notice in the group photo all the kids are holding up their new piece of chalk. It doesn't take much to give these kids joy.

There were five students that have been performing above all the others and I awarded them a new chalk slate and a pencil. The other students cheered and clapped in excitement because some of their fellow students had received a gift for doing so well. I was truly blessed by the visit. The children, teacher and Pastor all greet you and send their very best. They wanted me to let you know they pray for the Lititz Church often and thank you for your prayers and support.

Ginger Hock
Project Hope & Charite
Bangui, CAR

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