Monday, May 26, 2008

Patriotic Celebration

Will we be having a Patriotic Celebration this summer? Yes! On Sunday morning, July 6, Grace Church will once again sponsor a Patriotic Celebration for our community. Every aspect of this event will be completely free to our community.

Will the Patriotic Celebration be held down at the park? In past years we have taken this event down to the Lititz Springs Park. However, this venue is difficult and not very family-friendly for those that have smaller children. In order for this event to be more family friendly, this year we will be having the Patriotic Celebration here at the church.

Will this be one or two services? We will have two services, each being one hour in length. Please note that for this one Sunday (July 6) the times will be adjusted. Instead of having services at 9am and 10:45am as usual, our two Patriotic Celebrations will be held at 9:30 and 11:00. Both services will be identical.

What will be included in the services? There will be a lot of patriotic music as well as the opportunity to recognize and appreciate military veterans, active duty members of our armed forces, families of those with immediate relatives serving overseas, as well as our police, fire and other local emergency heroes. Special recognition and gifts will be given to all World War II veterans in attendance. As I share that morning, I will be using my Grandpa Distler’s Bible which he had with him during World War II, sharing some of his personal experiences from a running diary he kept in this Bible including the two greatest experiences he had during the war.

What about nursery, children’s programs and ABF classes? We will have our full nursery and children’s programs running during both services but there will be no Youth or ABF classes on that morning and there is no childcare for the afternoon activities.

Is there anything else happening besides the services themselves? Beginning at 10:30 and running through the afternoon, we will also be having a free lunch out on our soccer field where a free children’s carnival will also be set up and where the National Guard will be setting up a partial camp along with military vehicles being present (including the possibility of a helicopter). We have arranged for 5 inflatable play areas to be delivered for the event, 3 of which will be perfect for all ages (young preschoolers to adults) and 2 that will work for older ages (3rd grade to adults). We will also have face-painting for the younger children throughout the event.
How will we be promoting this event? We are promoting this year’s Patriotic Celebration much like we did Easter. However, the best promotion of all is always when people from Grace personally invite their friends, relatives, neighbors and coworkers. But the greatest way each of us can be involved is to pray that God would bless this event and allow us to use to meet people where they are and help move them to where God wants them to be! Nothing of eternal importance happens apart from prayer.

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