Wednesday, May 07, 2008

A Much Tastier Gift

Yesterday I added a second post about a gift I received from someone in California. Today let me offer a second post to say 'thank you' to a group of kids who gave me a much tastier gift. So I do not get hungry as I prepare sermons for our new Super Heroes series that begins this Sunday here at Grace Church, they brought me a box of Teddy Grahams Justice League Unlimited Graham Snacks! How cool is that!!! The cookies include Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman and Supergirl! Will these mess up my low carb diet? Well there are 22g of carbohydrates in every 13 cookies. That means each cookie has 1.69g of carbs. That means I can eat one a day all the way until the new 8-week series is done without affecting my diet. In fact, I am eating my first one (Batman to be exact) right now! THANKS, KIDS!

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