Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A Super-Size DARE

Do you remember the 1983 comedy blockbuster, A Christmas Story? The movie was centered in the 1940s in the town of Hammond, Indiana where a 9-year old boy named Ralphie lived. Ralphie wanted just one thing for Christmas…an official Red Ryder BB Rifle. The number one thing this movie is known for is when one boy takes a triple-dog-dare to lick a frozen flag pole and gets his tongue painfully stuck in the process.

That actually became a reality in Indiana not long ago. In Chesterton, IN, two boys were recently serving on flag duty at Jackson Elementary School and decided to see if their tongues could really stick to frozen metal. The result was a lot of pain and bleeding.

Isn’t amazing how we sometimes can do things we would never otherwise consider doing due to being dared? Well, as we saw last Sunday here at Grace Church, In Malachi 3, God basically dares his people to give Biblically and to then see if He would not open the windows of heaven and bless them as a result. He actually uses the words, “Test me and see…” It’s as if he is saying, “I triple-dog-dare you!”

As a result, we are marking Sunday, February 24, as SUPER-SIZE GIVING SUNDAY here at Grace Church. On this one Sunday, we are challenging everyone who is part of our Church family, members and regular attendees alike, to do just that – to test God through obedient giving and to see how He blesses you as a result. Here are the specific challenges. We are encouraging everyone to take one of these steps of faith:

If you typically do not give anything, then super-size your giving by giving something on Sunday, February 24!

If you typically give something but not 10% of your weekly income, then super-size your giving by giving 10% on Sunday, February 24!

If you typically give at least 10% of your weekly income, then super-size your giving by giving your very best on Sunday, February 24.

Imagine what would happen if everyone did just that on the same Sunday. I’m not simply talking about the size of the offering. Imagine what would happen as God fulfills His promise to those who accept this Biblical challenge. We are not putting this challenge together because we are behind in our finances and need to see our giving increase. Giving is good and our financial condition as a church is strong. We are issuing this challenge because we want everyone who is part of the Grace Church family to be authentic worshippers. We want God’s best for all of us and we realize that God’s best only comes when we are obedient. Sometimes it’s easier to take steps of faith when we all take them together. That is the purpose behind February 24th. That’s why we have put this “Super Size Sunday” together. That’s why we are asking everyone to fervently pray about your part and to pray that our church will never be the same again as a result.

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