Tuesday, February 19, 2008

First Night in Texas

Tuesday, February 19

Our flight from Philly to Dallas was uneventful which is how you want things to be when you fly. It was a good time sitting in between Andrew Norton (our Business Manager) and Pastor Willard (our Care Pastor) and talking and laughing. I read Bill Hybel's entire book, Holy Discontent, on the flight. It is a great book. I highly reccomend everyone from Grace pick it up and read it.

We ended up landing about 2pm Dallas time with the theme song to Walker, Texas Ranger going through our minds. By the time we got our rental van and grabbed a sandwich, it was time to find our hotel and check in. After a brief nap we headed off to the large Grapevine Mall and walked around for a couple of hours before heading out for some Texas BBQ...Yum! Yum (obviously I am off my diet this week)! We then found a Tom Thumb grocery store for some snacks and sodas and headed back to the hotel for the evening.

Tomorrow we will take 2 ministry exposure tours of two very different ministries. In the morning we will visit Prestonwood Baptist Church. This is one of, if not the largest Southern Baptist Church in America which is pastored by Dr Jack Graham. Their church and Christian school are housed in facilities totalling over 1 million square feet. Pastor Tim Auld has a brother in law who is on staff at Prestonwood. In the afternoon we will be touring The Potter's House which is the church pastored by Bishop TD Jakes. I am looking forward to seeing and learning about the infrastructure of these two vastly different ministries.

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