Monday, February 25, 2008

Dallas Goulash

So our trip to Dallas and the Creative Church Conference is history. So outside of all of the spiritual challenges, what else did I discover on this trip? Here is a list:

Dallas has great food!

American Airlines is not the most efficient when it comes to communicating and rescheduling cancelled flights!

GPS systems are utterly useless, especially when the voice has a deep British accent!

Business Managers may not count sheep but they do snore!

Andrew Norton and Matt McElravy have no idea how comfortable a windbreaker jogging type outfit can be when you are flying!

Single women who play guitar and paint their fingernails black can seriously catch the attention of certain single worship arts director!

Our children’s ministry staff have a wonderful idea regarding a gift to give parents in our church who have a baby…it’s a pacifier that says “Hell Sucks” on the end of it!

Matt McElravy and I are the only ministry staff members of our church who believe that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone…everyone else erroneously holds to a conspiracy theory with the mafia as the most reasonable source of the assassination!

The coolest song in all of the world contains the following lyrics:

The eyes of the Ranger are upon you
Everything you do He’s gonna see
So when you’re in Texas look behind you
‘Cause that’s where the Ranger’s gonna be

Waffles taste better when they are shaped like the state of Texas

Our entire ministry staff now knows where I was when JFK was killed (but they are not allowed to tell)!

There are some seriously amazing churches in the greater Dallas area that are really doing it and seeing God’s favor and blessing as they reach thousands for Jesus…and the most amazing thing is that they are all so very different in style!

One of the greatest things in life is bonding, laughing, and sharing great experiences with the people that I have the privilege of doing ministry with day in and day out!

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