Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Regional Chorus

The Music Department here at Lititz Christian School has an incredible ministry opportunity for our entire church! Please read all of this information very carefully and consider how you may be a part of a fun and easy way to meet people where they are, and move them to where God wants them to be!

Let me begin with some background information. Lititz Christian School will be hosting the 2008 Pennsylvania State Region V Chorus Festival, March 27-29. This means that the 208 top high school choral students in 15 counties in South-Central and Eastern Pennsylvania will be arriving here on Thursday morning, March 27. These students will spend all day Thursday and Friday rehearsing for outstanding performances on Friday night and Saturday afternoon.

Not only does Lititz Christian School get to host these students and directors in our facility, but LCS and Grace Church also have the incredible opportunity to host these 208 students in our homes while they are here! This is where you come in! We need to find homes for all of these students while they are with us.

Host families would house at least two students of the same gender offering separate sleeping surfaces for each student (acceptable surfaces include beds, futons, sofas, cots or air mattresses). Host families also provide breakfast for their students on Friday and Saturday and arrange transportation for their students for all of the following times:

Thursday, March 27: 8 p.m. - Pick students up in the Grace Church auditorium

Friday, March 28: 8-8:30 a.m. - Drop students off at Grace Church main entrance (students may be dropped off earlier if host families have conflicting work schedules, etc.); 7:30 p.m. Concert (Host families will receive 2 complimentary tickets); 9:30 p.m. Meet students in Grace Church auditorium

Saturday, March 29: 9:30-10 a.m. – Drop students off at Grace Church main entrance (students may be dropped off earlier if host families have conflicting work schedules)

Sounds pretty simple, huh? And think of the incredible impact LCS and Grace Church could have on these students! You see, we had the option of housing all of these students in area hotels, but we could not pass up the opportunity for having each and every one of them cared for and rubbing shoulders with a Christian family from Grace Ministries for two days. Just imagine what God will do!

Would you please pray about helping us find housing for these 208 students? What an incredible opportunity to make an impact for Christ on so many teens. If you are interested in participating, please contact Doug Kegarise, our Director of Student Ministries at 626-2155 or dkegarise@lgbc.org.

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