Friday, February 29, 2008

March Madness at Grace Church

Happy Leap Day! February 29 does not come around every year. But the greatest aspect of February 29 is the fact that as soon as it is over, the month of March begins. For those who are college basketball lovers, this means March Madness as the NCAA tournament will soon be taking place. But for those who are part of Grace Church, March Madness is far more than a series of games. The month of March will be the most exciting month in the history of our church. There are many events that will take place this month that will allow our church to personally touch over 10,000 people up close and personal. Make sure that all of the following events are on your calendars and on your daily prayer lists:

March 2 – We begin a brand new 3-week series from 2 Corinthians that will show us two reasons why God allows us to go through suffering. Our hope is to use this series to launch a new mentoring ministry in order to help others who are going through trials.

March 9 – This will be our next Core Class Sunday. This afternoon we will be offering Classes 101, 201 and 401. We also provide a free lunch and childcare for all participants.

March 14 – This will be a special outreach event called “At The Hop” in which all women are invited for this free evening of great fun and entertainment. This will allow you to invite women from our community to enjoy a non-threatening first touch with Grace Church while rubbing shoulders with many women from our church.

March 15 – This morning will be our 2nd annual Easter Egg and Candy with two special hunts for children ages 12 and under that will also include many other free and fun activities including giving away two brand new bikes with helmets.

March 16 – We will have our next Ten Minute Party after both morning services in order for those who are new to Grace Church to meet those who are on the stage each Sunday.

March 21 – We will have a special Good Friday Night of Worship as we focus completely on the sacrifice of Christ for us on the cross. The evening will include music, Scripture readings, the bread and the cup and times of prayer.

March 23 – This Easter we will offer three identical worship services. Every family who attends will also receive as a free gift a copy of our new “Worship at Grace” CD. A free continental breakfast will be provided by Lititz Christian School/MorningStar Daycare.

March 27-29 – Grace Church and Lititz Christian School will host 208 High School students for the Pennsylvania State Region V Chorus Festival. These students will be staying in the homes of families from our church and our school.

March 30 – We will have a baptism as part of our morning worship services for anyone that is ready to take a step of faith in publicly identifying with Jesus Christ.

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