Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Snow Snakes

Winter is not over yet so BEWARE! Beware of what? Beware of Snow Snakes!! What is a Snow Snake? We discovered this dangerous species of reptile while attending the Creative Church Conference in Dallas last week.

Perry Noble, pastor of the NewSrping Church in Anderson, SC, was getting a point across about how we as church leaders often fall into the trap of believing the lie of Satan when he says that what we do really doesn’t matter. To emphasize his point about how we can get messed up when we believe a lie, he told the story of a time when he was just four years old and it snowed one weekend…something rather rare in South Carolina.

Perry wanted to go out and play in the snow but his dad did not want him to. But instead of just telling him, “No, I don’t want you to,” Perry’s dad told him a lie. He said, “Sure, Perry, go ahead out and play in the snow, but just watch out for the snow snakes!”

Perry questioned if there were really was such a thing as snow snakes.

Sure there are,” said his dad, “They’re all over the place!”

Perry than asked the next reasonable question, “Do they bite?”

Without flinching and somehow while maintaining a straight face, Perry’s dad flatly said, “No, son, they don’t bite. They jump up your butt and freeze you to death!”

As you can imagine, believing this lie was enough to end Perry’s desire to go out and play in the snow. But the worse part about a lie is that when we hear and believe a lie, we usually pass on that same lie to someone else. That’s when lies really get ugly.

As a four year old child, Perry attended a Christian preschool ran by a very conservative church located in the southern Bible Belt of South Carolina. When he went to preschool on Monday, his very traditional teacher asked those children in the class to raise their hand if they had gone out and played in the snow over the weekend. Perry was the only student not to raise his hand. When the teacher asked him why, he matter of factly responded, “Because of the snow snakes!”

The teacher than asked, “Do you really believe there are snow snakes, Perry?”

Sure there are,” said Perry.

Then, this very traditional teacher of this Christian daycare ran by this conservative church down in the southern Bible Belt asked the million dollar question.

Do they bite?”

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