Tuesday, February 19, 2008



February 19


It's just before 6AM on Tuesday and most of our ministry staff are just now beginning to arrive at the church to catch our ride to the airport that will begin our trip to Texas and the Creative Church Conference. I was notified last night that our original flight from Harrisburg to Dallas got cancelled, and after 2 hours on the phone with the airline, I was able to get us all re-booked on a flight this morning out of Philadelphia. In the end, we were able to sleep in 45 minutes longer than originally planned...so all in all it is not a bad start to the trip. Whenever I find a Wi-Fi spot along the way this week, I will keep a "running diary" of sorts of our experiences and all that we are learning. It should be a great week! So...off we go (hopefully)!

By the way, in case you would forget what I look like while we are gone, this post includes a picture that someone on our staff composed of what I would look like if I shaved off my newly grown beard and went with the mohawk look in its place! Later in the week I just might post a second one that shows what I would look like if I joined the rock band, "KISS"!

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