Thursday, August 16, 2007

Leadership Summit Quotes

Last Thursday through Saturday, 34 people from Grace Church were part of 100,000 people worldwide who experienced the Leadership Summit 2007. I am already praying that next year we will have 100 people from Grace Church attend the Summit 2008. Below are some statements made in the sessions that stuck with me. To really understand each and its impact you needed to have heard them in the context they were given.

“Vision is a leader’s most powerful weapon!”

“Great leaders take more time creating ownership of vision than taking credit for it!”

“Vision leaks!”

“Sometimes knowing the right question is more important than knowing the right answers!”

“Nothing worthwhile happens with a single person working alone!”

“Every time you overcome something you fear, you become stronger!”

“Don’t let other people’s prejudices become your burden!”

“Give people a vision more compelling than their fears!”

“Build on your strengths and manage around your weaknesses!”

“You grow the most in your areas of greatest strengths!”

“Talk about your strengths without bragging and your weaknesses without whining!”

“Most churches outreach socially is more about the congregation than the recipients!”

“Good intentions are not enough!”

“Most organizations do too many things resulting in limited impact!”

“Perpetual optimism is a force multiplied!”

“Leadership is disappointing people at a rate they can stand!”

“Be prepared to disappoint people and make them angry!”

“Leadership is about seeing and unlocking the potential in others!”

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