Friday, August 17, 2007

Inspire Me!

Bill Hybels ended the Leadership Summit with a very inspiring talk on being inspired. The crux of his message was that motivation matters and it is a leader’s job to keep himself or herself motivated because that is the greatest most effective way to keep those under us motivated. Bill then shared 10 ways that he keeps himself inspired, motivated and energized as a leader. These are all very practical and very effective:

1. You must stay crystal clear about your calling from God!

2. You must leverage your spiritual gifts the way God gave them to you!

3. You must make sure that players on your team are inspiring people!

4. You must read books that inspire you!

5. You must rub shoulders with exceptionally inspiring people!

6. You must participate in events that are exceptionally inspiring!

7. You must pay attention to your physical disciplines!

8. You must pay attention to your working environment!

9. You must have an inspiring recreation outside of work!

10. You must practice daily spiritual disciplines!

When you keep yourself motivated it is the biggest way that you can inspire others on your team. Hybels then gave some other ways to motivate those underneath you:

· Connect everyone you lead to a compelling cause!

· Learn the inspirational language of everyone on your team and then speak it!

· Identify and reduce every de-motivating factor you possibly can!

· Celebrate every sign of progress toward your team’s shared goals!

Bill then ended his talk with this question…“What would a church look like if everyone who was part of it was inspired and motivated?” The answer to that can be seen clearly in Acts 2:41-43. Read it! This church back in Jerusalem was like that! Grace Church should be like that too! After all, what can be more exciting that meeting people where they are and moving people to where God wants them to be!

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