Tuesday, August 21, 2007

It All Goes Back In The Box

One of my favorite authors and speakers is a guy named John Ortberg who pastors the Menlo Park Presbyterian Church in Menlo Park, CA. This guy is one extremely gifted communicator who really connects with me. He spoke at the recent Leadership Summit that I attended. While I was there I picked up and have just started reading his newest book, When The Game is Over It All Goes Back In The Box!” It is a book about lessons he learned about life from playing Monopoly with his grandmother when he was a kid. In the first chapter he quotes the following from comedian, Jerry Seinfeld to show that you don’t even have to be a believer to realize the lesson of the box. Seinfeld says:

To me, if life boils down to one significant thing, it’s movement. To live is to keep moving. Unfortunately, this means that for the rest of our lives we’re going to be looking for boxes.

When you’re moving, your whole world is boxes. That’s all you think about. “Boxes, where are the boxes?” You just wander down the street going in and out of stores, “Are there boxes here? Have you seen any boxes?” It’s all you think about.

You could be at a funeral, everyone around you is mourning, crying, and you’re looking at the casket. “That’s a nice box. Does anybody know where that guy got that box? When he’s done with it, you think I could get it? It’s got some nice handles on it. My stereo would fit right in there.”

I mean that’s what death is, really – the last big move of your life. The hearse is like the van, the pall bearers are your close friends, the only ones you could really ask to help you with a big move like that. And the casket is that great, perfect box you’ve been looking for your whole life.

Interesting take, isn’t it? I’m only through chapter one and already John has my curiosity and interest. I can’t wait to see where he goes with this concept. If you’re looking for a good book to read, why not pick this one up or one of his other excellent books such as:

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