Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Not Provoking Your Children To Anger

Ephesians 6:4 says, “Fathers, do not provoke your children to anger.” How do we as parents “provoke our children to anger”? Here are some very convicting answers from the perspective of our kids.

Never saying "I Love You"
Breaking promises
Criticizing unjustly
Never praising me
Misusing Brute force
Speaking carelessly
Being thoughtless
Speaking harsh words
Being inconsistent
Nagging me
Ignoring me
Never praising me
Misunderstanding my motives
Making tactless comments
Telling me that my opinions don’t really matter
Giving me the feeling you never make mistakes
Not being gentle when pointing out my weaknesses
Lecturing me when all I really need is support
Never telling me “I love you”
Never showing me any physical affection
Not spending time alone with me
Being insensitive and rough with me
Not showing interest in the things that are special to me
Never telling me “thank you"
Making me feel unnoticed or unappreciated
Not considering me a thinking and feeling person
Allowing my brother or sister to put me down
Being too busy to care for me and listen to me
Dismissing my needs as unimportant
Bringing up my old mistakes from the past
Teasing me excessively
Not noticing my accomplishments
Liking me only for my physical looks or abilities
Disciplining me in harshness and anger
Correcting me without reminding me that you love me
Getting my hopes up, then not following through
Never explaining to me why I’m being disciplined
Raising your voices to each other
Using foul language when you are upset with me

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