Friday, June 15, 2007


Up until now we have provided the Pastor’s Class for new people to get better acquainted with Grace Church. Over the past 3 years, hundreds of people have taken the Pastor’s Class and many have gone on to become members here at Grace. In order to more effectively get people connected to our church, we are going to be changing from the Pastor’s Class system to a new system that we are calling Core Classes. In a nutshell, instead of someone giving up 7 Wednesday evenings for the Pastor’s Class, they will now be giving up just 4 Sunday afternoons to take these Core Classes which will include:

Class 101 – This class deals with the purpose, vision and doctrines of our church

Class 201 – This class deals with Christian living and how to grow in your faith

Class 301 – This class deals with your ministry S.H.A.P.E. and spiritual gifts

Class 401 – This class deals with how to share your faith and the topic of stewardship

I will be teaching Class 101. Class 301 will be taught by Andy Brightbill, our Pastor of Connections. The other classes will be taught by a variety of qualified individuals. Each of these 4 classes are designed for all teenagers and adults and will be offered on Sunday afternoons and will include lunch for all participants from 12:15-1:00 followed by the classes being offered from 1-4pm. Child-care will be provided during the class time.

The first Core Class being offered will be Class 101 taught by me on Sunday afternoon, July 29. If you are new or somewhat new to our church, or if you are interested in membership here at Grace Church, this class is for you. To register for this free class (with lunch and child-care also provided at no cost) simply call the church office and ask for Sheri Sell or write the words “Class 101” on your Connections Card this Sunday.

I will then be teaching class 101 again on Sunday, August 26. For those who took Class 101 in July we will also be offering Class 201 on August 26. We will then be repeating Classes 101 and 201 on September 30 while also offering Class 301. Then, on October 28 we will be offering all 4 Core Classes on the same afternoon. The schedule is as such:

July 29 – Class 101 being offered
August 26 – Classes 101 and 201 being offered
September 30 – Classes 101, 201 and 301 being offered
October 28 – Classes 101, 201 and 301 being offered

It is our desire to see all of our new people go through all of these classes. Though these classes are a prerequisite for becoming a church member, you do not have to become a member to take the classes. We also encourage those who are already members or who have been around Grace Church for some time to take these Core Classes as well.

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