Monday, April 23, 2007

When Home Seems So Far Away

In Luke 15, Jesus tells the story that we refer to as the Prodigal Son. If you are not familiar with this parable, be sure to take time to read it. There is so much in this one story that a month of sermons could be preached on these few verses alone without repeating anything. But today I want to simply focus on the father in the story. He is representative of God. Notice how he responds to the return home of his repentant prodigal son. There are 10 descriptions given:

1. The father was looking for the son before he ever returned. Imagine that. If you are a prodigal Christian who has been doing your own thing rather than God’s thing, God is looking for your return even though you haven’t even started home yet.

2. The father felt compassion for the returning son. I bet this son was worried if his dad would even speak to him. After all, he had greatly and publicly dishonored him. Maybe your wondering if God would accept you if you returned home to Him. I guarantee you, He will feel and show compassion toward you.

3. The father ran to meet the returning son. The word literally means “to sprint” which was an undignified thing for a man in that culture to do publicly. If you have strayed from your spiritual home, take a step toward God. He will run to meet you.

4. The father embraced the returning son. He did this in spite of the stench which must have been all over this guy from living with the pigs. Come home. Even if you have the consequences of rebellion covering your clothes, God will embrace you

5. The father kissed the returning son. The grammar here suggests that he kissed him repeatedly. That’s how glad God will be to see you return home as well.

6. The father put a robe on the retuning son. This was owned by the father for special occasions. The robe of Christ’s righteousness is still yours to wear.

7. The father put a ring on the returning son’s hand. This symbolized authority. You can still have the authority of God which comes through faith in Christ.

8. The father put sandals on the returning son’s feet. Only slaves went barefoot. You do not need to be a slave. In spite of your rebellion you are still a son.

9. The father prepared a feast in honor of the returning son. He killed the fatted calf which was reserved for the grandest of all celebrations. Come home and let all of heaven rejoice and celebrate over your return

10. The father celebrated the return of his son. And So God will celebrate your return as well. Come home. It is where you belong.

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