Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Right Drink

Have you ever been to a real fancy and elite restaurant? In many of them, the entrees on the menu also include a section with recommended wines that will best compliment that entrée selection. To me, it means nothing. I have no knowledge at all regarding types of wines, vintages of wines, colors of wines or anything else related to wine. I would be scared to death to order a glass of wine with my meal at a fine restaurant. Not because I’m afraid I would get struck down by God for allowing alcohol to touch my lips or create a stir if the wrong person observed me with an alcoholic beverage. I would be completely freaked out because I know nothing about wine.

If I ever did order the wine I would pick whatever wine was listed on the wine list that I felt really confident that I could pronounce correctly. That is how I would make my drink selection. But my greatest fear would be that the waiter’s mouth would then drop open and that he would either break out in laughter or be completely appalled because the wine I selected was not the proper wine to order and drink with that entrée selection and I would get thrown out of the restaurant. As a result, I don’t order wine at fine restaurants. It’s just safer that way!

Now I have the same problem when I go to Burger King! No, they are not serving wine but here is what they are doing. I went to lunch recently with Andy Brightbill, our Pastor of Connections here at Grace Church. We went to Burger King so we could have it our way. We walked into Burger King and I ordered my Whopper Value Meal (with cheese…no onions…large size). I couldn’t remember the last time I had a Burger King Whopper. I was pretty excited.

I took my cup and went over to the beverage machine to get a Diet Coke. To my dismay, on the beverage machine was a list of all the sandwiches that you could order at Burger King and…are you ready for this…which soda goes best with which sandwich. I’m not kidding! I’m totally serious. Here are the sandwiches that go best with Coke. Here are the sandwiches that go best with Diet Coke. Here are the sandwiches that go best with Root Beer. And here are the sandwiches which go best with Dr. Pepper. Now here is where it got really bad. I wanted a Diet Coke. I always have a Diet Coke (or Diet Pepsi which is far better than Diet Coke) when I am at a fast food restaurant. However, right there on the beverage machine I learned to my great shock and horror that Diet Coke doesn’t go best with a Whopper…regular Coke does. I never knew that!!

But I didn’t want a regular Coke. I wanted a Diet Coke. Now to make this even more of a fragile situation, it was the lunch rush. In fact, a bus load of tourists had just entered the restaurant. My pulse quickened and the palm of my hands got real sweaty. What if someone sees me get the wrong drink for my sandwich? What if everyone broke out in laughter because I was drinking Diet Coke with my Whopper? I could just picture in my mind parents telling their young kids not to stare at the freak drinking Diet Coke with his Whopper. That’s it…not only am I never going to order a glass of wine at a fine restaurant, I am never ever going to order any soda ever again at a fast-food restaurant! It's just safer that way!

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